Abstract Submission Registration

When visiting the platform for the first time, you should access the menu “Registo” and fill all the required data. After registration, you shall get an email in your inbox with your credentials to access the abstracts platform.
(If you do not receive the email in a maximum of 24h, contact the congress control office (GetDone events - +351 21 752 54 19 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
After getting your credentials you can “Login” in the platform and access Personal Area (“Área Pessoa”), where you will be able to submit your abstract(s).

-    When submitting your abstract, please confirm that all the information was properly and correctly filled
-    The author and the co-author should be identified in the due space. Authors and co-authors identified in the abstract text will not be considered
-    The abstract can be submitted as a draft, which allows the author to change the document until the due date (10th October).
-    If the abstract is saved as final version (“versão final”), it will not be possible to make any change.




Rules for Abstract Submission

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 1) Topics

  1. Translational Medicine
  2. Clinical Reasearch (including clinical cases)

2) Who can apply?
Junior Doctors and Medical Students, except for members from the JdIM Organizing Committee. Each participant can only submit 1 poster.

3) Aim
Stimulate translational and clinical research among doctors in training.

4) Important Dates
Abstract Submission: until October 29th 2017, 23h59
Acceptance/Rejection decision: until November 5th 2017

5) Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission can only be done through the Junior International Meeting (JdIM) website;
After the submission, the 1st author of each poster will receive a confirmation e-mail;
Every abstract will be anonymously evaluated by jury members, belonging to JdIM Scientific Committee;
Abstracts acceptance or rejection decision is sovereign and irrevocable;
Will be rejected abstracts that:

  1. Do not fulfil the requirements in this regulation;
  2. Identify authors, clinical departments or hospital in the text.

First author registration in JdIM is mandatory. First author should preferably be the poster presenter.

6) Abstract structure

  1. Title
    1. It must be written in capital letters, and must not exceed 150 characters.
  2. Text
    a. It must not exceed 3000 words;
    b. Type of letter: Arial
    c. Size of letter: 10
    d. Line spacing: 1,5
    e. Text alignment: Justified
    f. Text structure:
    1. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion/Comments
    2. Introduction, Clinical Case, Conclusion/Comments
    g. Each item of the text structure must match one paragraph

7) Poster
a. Poster size: 120cm (height) x 80cm (wide)
b. The following aspects will be considered, in a descending order:

  1. Theme originality
  2. Research projects
  3. Casuistic reviews
  4. Clinical cases presentations
  5. Implications for clinical practice
  6. Graphical aspects

8) Poster Presentation
6 posters will be presented during lectures breaks, in appropriate space.
Presentation time: 3 minutes (followed by discussion).
4 abstracts will be selected for oral presentation.
Presentation time: 7 minutes (followed by discussion).

9) Winners and Prizes
The posters will be evaluated by the jury members.
The best oral communication and best poster will be rewarded:

  1. Best Oral Presentation: 600€
  2. Best Poster: 400€

The 3 best abstracts will also be given the possibility to submit an article, via fast-track, to Acta Médica Portuguesa (AMP) / AMP-Student.
The best poster will be given the possibility to do an oral communication at Acta Médica Portuguesa symposium.

10) Other considerations
The Organization Committee of JdIM has the power to irrevocably deliberate and decide about every situations missing from this regulation.